The Graduate Certificate in Aviation (Asia-focus) is an AviationManagement program that focuses on the aviation industry in Asia. The course is conducted by highly qualified and experienced Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University faculty from Singapore/USA. The course is designed for current and future Aviation Managers and has a condensed curriculum that concentrates on the practical application of core concepts studied in the MBA (Aviation) program.

The course graduates, equipped with contemporary aviation management precepts, techniques, skills, knowledge, and latest trends in the aviation industry, shall be able to lead and grow their aviation organizations.

The entire course is designed to be completed in about seven months and two weeks, with two sessions of 2.5 hours each (pre & post lunch), scheduled every consecutive Saturday, starting July 13, 2019.

Core Courses & Learning Objectives

All core courses are required for the graduate certificate.

Airport Management

Students will learn the nature of airport components, the relationship between the airport’s stakeholders, how to calculate airport systems, the complex methodology for managing aircraft movements and passengers, and airport facility management. Real cases and exercises on airport planning, design and operations will be applied within the context of Asia and international regulatory bodies.

Air Carrier, Passenger and Cargo Management

Students will learn the broad perspective of passenger and cargo air carrier management within the Asian context. The focus lies in applied case studies of global economic development, alternative strategic approaches to route structure and product design, fleet selection, finance, revenue management, and the role of travel agencies, freight forwarders, global distribution systems and Internet portals.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain Managemen

Students will learn basic concepts of supply chain management, including strategy, network, planning and forecasting, and challenges. Case studies on supply chain in aviation in Asia will be used for discussion.

Aviation Applied Finance

This course will provide a solid comprehension of Airlines Financial Analysis, the most practical valuation techniques in the airline industry, all aspects of aircraft leasing and the jet fuel hedging techniques in different market volatility.

Performance Management and Managerial Accounting Practices in Aviation (optional)

Students should understand basic aviation Participants will be able to analyze airline financial statements, evaluate relevant cash flows, prepare an airline budget and cost analysis, evaluate key performance indicators, and design and apply the Airline Balanced Scorecard.

Applied Economics in Aviation

This course addresses the nature of air transportation demand and airline supply, the economic foundation for airline pricing and the complex methodology for managing passenger and freight fares, airline costs and methods of control, and fleet management. Economic theory will be applied to current and future predicted challenges in aviation within the context of Asia.

Production & Procurement

Students will learn about operations strategy, product design, process design and analysis, capacity planning, lean production systems, and the procurement process from sourcing to managing suppliers. Case studies on production and procurement in aviation in Asia will be used for discussion.

Strategic Marketing Management

Students should understand elements of marketing, competitive dynamics and pricing strategies, and integration of digital, brand and business strategies within the context of the Asian aviation industry. This course should enable students to create a comprehensive marketing strategy within the context of an overall aviation business strategy.

Managing Human Factors

Students should understand basic aviation human factors concepts, key human performance issues relevant to aviation operations and will be able to integrate human factors knowledge into key areas of aviation operations in the local context. This course will also focus on applying operational human factors knowledge to safety investigation activities pertaining to the Asian aviation industry.

International Business Administration (optional)

Students should understand the four core pillars of international business: marketing, management, accounting, and finance. These key areas will be applied to real-world cases in the aviation industry in order to develop the students’ international business skills. Students will be able to better understand and respond to business development opportunities in the aviation industry through the interplay between the global and local factors that influence management decisions in business.

Who Should Attend?

  • Students aspiring to be Aviation Managers

  • Professionals working in the airlines, airport and aircraft management, aviation support services and related aviation businesses

  • Professionals interested in aviation management in Asia

Training Method

  • Live instructions in a virtual classroom environment, or online synchronous

  • Supported by practical case studies, discussion sessions and presentations

General Information

  • Duration: Each core course is 4 days or 20 hours. The entire program would be completed in about 7.5 months

  • Venue: Local or Virtual Classroom, online

  • Prerequisites: Familiarity with IT word-processing and presentation software Basic knowledge of the aviation industr

  • Embry-Riddle Asia Professional Education
    & Training plans to bring affordable training to
    countries in Asia, through partnerships with
    country-level aviation institutions, airlines and
    universities. Please contact us for more

  • Dr. Wali Mughni, PhD
    Representative & Program Facilitator
    Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, USA | +92 321 897 9014


Starting on Saturday, July 13, 2019, the Graduate Certificate in Aviation course is for a duration of 7.5 months, with two sessions of 2.5 hours each (pre & post lunch), scheduled every consecutive Saturday. There are eight core courses, and two optional courses as shown below:

Schedule and Program Fee

Graduate Certificate in Aviation Program Schedule & Fees  
Program Schedule*  
No. Start End Courses
GC-1 13-July-2019 03-August-2019 Applied Economics in Aviation
GC-2 10-August-2019 031-August-2019 Airport Management
GC-3 07-September-2019 28-September-2019 Strategic MArketing Mangement
GC-4 05-October-2019 26-October-2019 Air Carrier, Passenger and Cargo Management
GC-5 02-November-2019 23-November-2019 Global Logistics and Supply Chain MAnagement
GC-6 30-November-2019 21-December-2020 Aviation Applied Finance
GC-7 28-December-2019 18-January-2020 Production and Procurement Management
GC-8 25-January-2020 15-Febuery-2020 Managing Human Factors in Aviation
Post Grad Optional Courses
PG-1 TBD 20 Hours Performance Management and MAnagerial Accounting Practices in Avaition
PG-2 TBD 20 Hours Internaational Business Administration
Program Fee / Course Fee
Upfront Fees for the Graduate Certificate program (8 courses)= Singapore $5,480
If only one or more courses are selected each course is= Singapore $750
Note: By paying upfront for the Graduate Certificate program you save $520
GC holders may avail an additional discount of $100 per PG Optional course
For conversion to PKR, the prevailing conversion rate will apply.
As of June 6, 2019: S$1=PKR107.91; GC program fee S$5,480 = PKR591,292G
Use for getting the current converstion rate.

* Subject to Change

Payment Modes/Options:

1. Payment by Credit Card: The fees can be paid online directly to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University by using a Credit Card. The payment portal address shall be emailed to the candidate after his/her pre-registration – click here for Pre-Registration, if you have not done it earlier. The fee would have to be paid in Singapore Dollar as would be stated on the portal.

2. Payment in Pakistani Currency PKR - Bank Deposit: The candidate can deposit the required fees at the following bank (any branch or online). Please refer for currency exchange rate.

a. Deposit in Bank AL Habib: Aviation Institute of Management is the regional facilitating entity for ERAU. Please deposit the fee in the bank stated below:
Bank AL Habib (any branch)
Account title: Aviation Institute of Management
Account Number: 1058-0981-012667-01-9
IBAN (if required): PK14BAHL1058098101266701

b. Payment Online: You can also elect to pay online through your online account to the above stated account.

Important Note: Please make sure that you take a picture of the receipt of payment, or take a screen shot of the proof of payment. Please send us a copy of your proof of payment by email attachment to the Please note that the last date for the receipt of payment is one week before the course commencement date.

Optional Courses: Please also note that at the end of the course there are two additional Post Grad Optional courses. These are not mandatory but are recommended courses. All successful Graduate Certificate candidates will get a S$150 discount code for PG Optional course payment.

Each course comprises of 20 contact hours conducted on 4 consecutive Saturdays. The Graduate Certificate course is thus completed in less than 7.5 months.

If a candidate wants to pay for each course separately, he/she may. The fees for each course shall be S$750. Thus, the total for eight courses shall be S$6,000 (750x8) paid on a monthly basis. However, if the candidate decides to pay upfront (all at once, not monthly), the discounted fees for the Graduate Course in Aviation comprising all eight courses shall be is S$5,480. This fee must be paid by July 6, 2019. You will save S$520 by paying upfront.

Those who want to select only one or a few courses, may elect to do so. A separate certificate would be awarded for successful completion of each course as applicable. Graduate Certificate in Aviation will only be awarded to candidates successfully completing the 8 core courses.

>Attendance, Examination & Quizzes: There will be weekly quizzes throughout the course duration, but there wouldn’t be any final examination. At least 80% result in the quizzes is expected from the candidates. Similarly, at least 80% attendance is considered mandatory. The attendance could be online or in the conventional/virtual classroom located at PIA Training Center, Karachi.

For the Graduate Course in Aviation, a certificate signed by the Director, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Singapore campus) will be awarded to the graduating candidates for successfully completing the course. A similar certificate will also be awarded by the Aviation Institute of Management (the local facilitator for ERAU).

More Info:
For any question or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned. All the best,

Dr. Wali Mughni, PhD Regional Representative & Facilitator
Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University, USA
Director, Aviation Institute of Management